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    Wow! oustanding article. You don't often get this depth and insight in a blog post.

    I did take offense to the comment about Iraqi veterans and hookahs and bongs though. Was this chivalrous of you to do on Veterans day of all days?

    Jeri Westerson

    I meant no disrespect, but it is a fact. And Hookahs or water pipes only have tobacco in them, not drugs. They are a perfectly acceptable community thing to do. Like sitting around a campfire smoking cigarettes.

    Rachel Cullen

    great article! thanks for the insights!

    Pipe smoking

    Interesting article, I like that kind of information. Do you have histories about pipe smoking.

    Jeri Westerson

    Pipe smoking is not medieval. Tobacco is a New World thing. Sir Walter Raleigh, if I'm not mistaken, brought it from the New World--us--to Queen Elizabeth I. So pipe smoking is much later than I usually write about.


    The topic covered is very well done. I was referred here by a friend, thanks to him i bookmarked along with which has some good topics.

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