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    I've seen most of the movies and have to agree with your choices. Very good list.

    Gail Malane


    Account Deleted

    I cut it down to ten--some for amusing effect. A Man for All Seasons is quite a favorite as I am a Thomas More fan. Love his writings. Becket is a good drama but comes with its own baggage. Though it's amusing to have Peter O'Toole as King Henry and later as an older King Henry in the Lion in Winter.

    Anne Gilbert

    I'm with you on "The Court Jester" and "TheAdventures of Robin Hood" . I saw the Monty Python "Holy Grail"movie, but it didn't "do" anything for me. Never saw the Ian McKellan Richard III, but did see the Olivier one and I haven't seen most of the rest. Oh, "The Lion in Winter"! That was something else again! Fascinating list!
    Anne G

    Rees Gill

    the only one that ive seen in knights tale r.i.p ledger

    Kevin Umbar

    You say: "4. Henry V (...) his delivery of the St. Crispin’s Day speech. Makes me want to take up arms against France, too (but what doesn’t?)"...

    Ok, since it's not a joke (being insulting is not funny in my civilized world), then that little xenophopbic remark is blatantly one of a genuine imbecile. You've made it to "Ass-hole of the Week", bravo.


    Get over yourself, Kevin. It *is* a joke and clearly, you don't know how to take one. And "Ass-hole of the week"? Honey, I've been an asshole far longer than that!

    John Ellis

    I agree about 'The Name of the Rose' & 'Henry the Fifth' The others, well eeh. Would you consider "The Thirteenth Warrior" with Banderras as a contender?

    Gayle Feyrer

    What about The Seventh Seal? Or even The Virgin Spring? Very depressing that one! Oh-Robin and Marian! Sean Connery, Nicol Williamson, Audrey Heopburn (her performance would have been twice as good if she'd just taken off the pink lipstick).

    Jeri Westerson

    As I said, Gayle, they are favorites for one reason or the other. Sometimes because they are so bad.

    Arnold Warren

    I guess Br'er Cadfael series doesn't qualify as a movie, but they are a big favorite of mine. I'm with you on #1, and I am passionate about The Name of the Rose (movie).

    Love your site!!!!


    dale price

    Lion in Winter is my favorite, too. But could never warm up to Monte Python.

    Karen S. Elliott

    Every time I hear Saskatoon or Saskatchewan, I think of Connecticut Yankee. That is a fun movie. And you mentioned some of my favorites here. I go for more of the light-hearted swashbucklers, those that don’t take themselves too seriously. And Danny Kaye – gawd how I enjoy his movies, every dang one of them. Great list!

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